All-Natural Hair Extensions Service

We were all tribal once.

It's something many of us have the desire to reconnect with more, and in various ways.

We've taken it into several aspects of our lives,

even our hair.

And when it comes to your appearance and personal expression, what's more empowering than getting your hair braided in such a way?

Alright, perhaps dressing and painting your face like a warrior from the old ages and cultures of this world.

But we offer that as an optional add-on service anyway.

Please note, we respect and honour all cultures.

'Braiding' has appeared throughout history, across the world (Norse, African, Celtic ...) and we're happy to share one more thing that can bring us all together.

To us, it's more than style.

We mean no harm to any individual that believes otherwise.

Know that we do it with love, and we do it differently.

How is it done?

Luna Sara (the beauty on the left ... well actually, they're both beauties), and I spend a few pleasant -if not meditative- hours sectioning, combing, and braiding 100% natural NZ wool into your hair -to your desired length, and in the colour(s) of your choice.





The braids can be washed as normal (though we suggest leaving out the conditioner from your routine), put up in an infinite number of ways, and can last well up to 2 months depending on how you care for them.


Do you have a vegan option?

Yes, and although acrylic yarn isn't as comfortable,

it is cheap and there's often more colours to choose from if it's what you'd prefer.


  • Half-head: $125 NZD + price of yarn ($8 - 15)

  • Full-head: $175 NZD + price of yarn ($10 - 25)

    》Warrior Photoshoot: $40 NZD (optional)

    》Contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or the 'Connect' page.

    》Our studio is located on the North Shore of Auckland, NZ.



2020 11 16 Some Vikings-763-1.jpg

Whether you're looking for promotional content for your personal business and uniquely expressive photos for your website's bio, or you think it'd just be a fun way to amplify the experience and invoke a rather 'ancient' feeling.

you're welcome to inquire. It's empowering.

Also, if you're an artist or business owner in the fashion industry (clothing, jewellery, tattoos, shoes, etc), we're open for modeling and photography collaborations.

Our braids have now made an appearance on the sets

of a few films and tv series,

so makeup artists are encouraged to get in touch with us

about collaborating as well.

These photos are a powerful way to share your message

and/or promote your services and creations.

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