(I invite you to play the song 'Aeternum' by John Lunn & Eivør, and dive into this with me for a moment...)

We've been drawn to the Warrior for ages, but for many, the reason behind this is not due to any desire for violence.

It's no secret that we admire the 'Warrior', for they exhibit many inspiring and respectable traits. This often 'heroic' and strong character has been present in the history and legends of nearly every culture around the world. And even though they are represented in different ways, their exemplary qualities bind them together.

The term 'warrior' has been used to describe a class, a career path, a mind-set and even a spiritual archetype since it's first appearance in early human times.

A warrior way of being has been reflected by people all around the world, and it calls to us,

for good reason.

'Achilles removed the brilliant helmet from the lifeless Amazon queen. Penthesilea had fought like a raging leopard in their duel at Troy. Her valor and beauty undimmed by dust and blood. Achilles' heart lurched with remorse and desire. All the Greeks on the battlefield crowded around and marveled, wishing with all their hearts that their wives at home could be just like her.' -Quintus of Smyrna, 'Fall of Troy' (translated by A. S. Way, 1913)

Throughout time, most warriors have been depicted as brutal, ruthless, blood-thirsty and as people without emotion, many of them wrongly so.

These intense images have overshadowed the admirable traits and qualities that many

warriors had (and do have) in common. They contribute to the fabric of their being and are the result of their mind-set and lifestyle. To better understand the kind of warrior I'm referring to, one that's appeared throughout history and in a few cultures:

The Warrior is a man or woman of principle.

The Warrior has great devotion: whether for themselves, a mission, or an 'important figure'.

The Warrior demonstrates body-control and focus.

The Warrior, though their main quest is to fight in battle, show reverence for what they believe in; a deity, a cause, a leader, a saint, a sacred tree, Mother Earth ... whatever it may be.

The Warrior is a motivated, empowered being.

The Warrior, although strong in their independence, knows how to walk alongside others and be a part of a larger force.

The Warrior gives energy to their path in life and physical well-being.

The Warrior has a deep sense of purpose, and freedom is often of great importance to them.

The Warrior is responsible and self-disciplined.

The Warrior knows how to support others, while still having a respect for themselves.

The Warrior is familiar with hard work and sacrifice.

The Warrior understands loyalty and patience.

The Warrior denotes intuition, stoicism, determination and grit.

The Warrior, though sometimes intense, can demonstrate a great sense of balance.

The Warrior represents strength, transformation and dedication.

We can find great wisdom in the figures of the past, and if you really look around, you'll notice people who demonstrate such things.

I have.

I've seen this kind of warrior in friends, acquaintances, teachers,

and others I've crossed paths with.

It is said that a new world is rising in the hearts of many and with that,

the concept of the 'peaceful warrior' has not only become more familiar but needed as well.

If a warrior way of being speaks to you and you'd like to read more about this ancient path,

one of inner peace and true strength,

I welcome you to have a look at Empowered Embodiment :

a course on mind-set, lifestyle, and movement.

I've gathered the wisdom and perspectives of many,

and combined it with my own knowledge and intuition.

It's meant to revive old beliefs and philosophies,

integrating them in new ways for the betterment of many...

and it all begins with you.

What you do for your inner world, reflects in the world outside of yourself.

In this course, we will explore the principles and sustainable ways of becoming a Peaceful Warrior.

So I invite you to join me, to join us.

There is a calling for warpaint and wisdom again, have you heard it?