Do you not find it strange how 'connecting with the Earth' has become such a foreign concept to a large majority of people?

Nature has become a place to visit, when it was once our home.

Our birthplace has become both a tourist destination,

and sometimes a dangerous, unsuitable place for our children to play.

Animals have become a nuisance, a resource, and domesticated 'pets',

even though they're the species we share this beautiful planet with.

We've manipulated nature to work in our favour, but against itself.

Humans have crowned themselves as King, but have fallen as victims to their own mistakes.

We've replaced natural sanctuaries with concrete landscapes.

We respond to illness with further man-made elements, while we shame the alternative methods and label earth-born remedies as 'voodoo'.

We're drawn to status, wealth and power,

yet we're threatened by 'the wild' because of it's power.

We forget the source of our food and deem it insignificant,

despite how popular being 'healthy' seems to be.

We seek meaning in the artificial,

when what's real and true is waiting for us outside our walls.

And yet,

for some reason,

society as a whole can be quite depressed, unwell, 'lost', and troubled.

We struggle to find meaning and a place we can call home.

We have difficulty finding the motivation and energy to achieve our goals.

We are unfulfilled and begging for attention.

We mistreat one another and complain about what we don't have.

Have you not realized how ironic and counterproductive humans can be?

Do you not find this strange? I certainly do.


just maybe,

it all comes from a disconnect,

and a mass 'forgetting'.

Imagine walking through the forest, barefoot. Imagine lying in a field of grass, the only sound is the wind making it dance by your ear. Imagine laying your hand against the neck of a horse with affection and admiration instead of dominance or fear. Imagine remaining outside as it starts to rain, looking up as it falls down upon you instead of turning to retreat indoors.

Imagine feeling at home instead of threatened, during moments like these.

Imagine feeling love instead of fear.

Imagine feeling connected to something ancient and sacred, rather than feeling alone.

It's time we recognized,

or more accurately- remembered,

that we are a part of a whole.

We are a significant piece of a much older and larger force,

one we should not be meddling with.

This isn't about religion, or the lack of it.

You don't have to be spiritual to understand the importance, power, and

interconnectedness of our place of origin, our source of life.

And this most definitely isn't meant to make you feel small and powerless,

because although it's humbling -something we could all benefit from-,

it's also incredibly nourishing and empowering.

We are part of a whole.

There is so much more out there.

But the choice is yours.

It's up to you to see and feel this again.

It's up to you to remember.

My brothers and sisters,

let's go home.