Moments alone after enriching experiences, such as the festival I just returned from,

have a way of becoming contemplative.

It causes me to think and reflect, whether it's over a cup of tea and watching the sun set,

or lighting a candle and burning some incense.

This one that I've chosen to put into words,

from what I've learned and discovered over the last year especially,

speaks of 'my kind of people'.

It's not meant to be discriminating, its simply about those that I've come to really appreciate,


connect with,

and adore.

They are the people who:

• 》always find some wonder when looking up at the moon and stars,

• 》who allow themselves to be swayed by the music they're creating or are listening to,

• 》who take the time to breathe and experience their surroundings,

• 》who have no trouble, (if not find joy in), going barefoot or getting a bit dirty,

• 》who eat good food and are active because they genuinely care for their well-being,

• 》who are 'salt of the Earth' people,

• 》who enjoy genuine conversation and can tell one another how they're really feeling,

• 》who are intrigued by the stars, destiny and purpose,

• 》who are not put off by the use of the word 'energy',

• 》who know of the sacred we're a part of and strive to have a connection with Mother Earth,

• 》who value family, related or non-related,

• 》who put away their mask and can be raw at times,

• 》who love laughing and are genuine,

• 》who would choose dips in the Ocean and sitting around a fire over 'partying',

• 》who have visions and dreams and work to make them reality,

• 》who live for moments, and travel for adventure and connection,

• 》who are loyal and hold their relationships in high regard,

• 》and who are effortlessly real.

It's the connections with these people that I find the most fulfilling. I adore them, and I can relate.

I just appreciate realism so much.

If you know one person or many people like this, take a minute to appreciate them.

A note for 2020:

The connections that you feel you're initiating alone are perhaps not meant to happen.

Prioritize giving time to the ones you know are by your side,

and who, like you,

really value maintaining the connection.

They're the golden ones. Keep them close.