•》I saw no weakness in the man, a man I'd never met, who approached me out of a group of people.

•》I saw no weakness in the bearded man, a dark featured man twice my size with a lion's mane, who trembled with emotion and nervousness as he stood before me.

•》I saw no weakness in the man as I took his quivering hands in mine.

•》I saw no weakness in the man who looked into my eyes and told me that his greatest need, the thing he had been searching for and wanted most in life, was self-love.

•》There was no weakness in the man who opened his heavy heart to a young woman; a stranger within a group of people, and who rested his head on her shoulder as she embraced him.

•》I saw no weakness in this man, only strength and courage.

•》I felt no weakness from this man, only a great sense of relief. And then we parted ways. I'm curious as to what he saw in me, though I may never know.

This memory was of a 'human connection' workshop I attended at a festival.

It seems all of us want that self-love, and perhaps it's because we recognize what great potential there is for ourselves and our lives when we embrace such a quality.

It's true that the gratification from others, (whether in the form of compliments or support), is uplifting.

But we can only go so far with this kind of 'love' and validation of it.

It's in our human nature to want to be loved, the need is there.

Its deep and when we feel a real sense of love, it resonates.

However, at the end of the day, we can lose an independence, self-sufficiency and drive if we do not love or accept ourselves at the same time.

That form of love, is incredibly powerful.

It's not to be mistaken for vanity, just like confidence should not be mistaken for arrogance.

A recognition of your worth and importance, is not an ego.

It's an awareness, a belief, and it will take you further than ego ever could.

What's kept me going,

reaching for the things I envision,

overcoming challenges and devoting time to a daily practice,

is a faith in myself,


This is the beginning to that self-love. You must recognize your significance and believe in it. Only you can give yourself this gift.

I've realized life is not just about knowing who you are and doing what you're meant to do.

because it doesn't always come that quickly.

I feel life is for learning OF your purpose and then living it.

It's the journey of discovering who you are along the way, piece by piece.

It's finding out what you're capable of, and then learning to love yourself for it.

Imagine what you could do once you reach that point,

for yourself,

for others,

for the world and it's future.

And imagine what you will find along the way.

We need more empowered humans. Start with you.