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I work with horses in a very natural manner, focusing on their well-being and building connections based on trust. I teach horses to accept humans as riders or companions, and I show humans how to earn their respect and become worthy leaders for such magnificent creatures. I draw my inspiration from the way horses naturally communicate and the bonds I've had with them in the past.

Whether you are:

○  a rider looking to strengthen or remake the relationship you have with your horse, 

○  the owner of a horse facility needing assistance with some 'green' or formerly abused horses,

○  a homesteader wishing to connect with the herd you coexist with in a holistic way.....

I could help you.

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{RYT 200}

200hr YTT Beth Rutty Yoga

50hr YTT Maha Pura Yoga


Although I was trained in traditional

Hatha yoga,  I'm in-love with movement

and I'm very passionate about sustaining a balance of strength and grace.

I practice a more dynamic form of yoga

and enjoying sharing it (and it's benefits)

with others.

The 'flows' I lead combine breath-work, movement, and powerful music from

a variety of origins;

following the ways of the 'peaceful warrior'.

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I have experience with the following:​

  • Magazine articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Creative Writing

  • Poetry

  • Website Content

  • Editing

  • Book Synopsis

  • Author Bios

  • Business Descriptions

  • Short Stories

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