A Mindset, Lifestyle & Movement course

-to explore the path of the 

peaceful warrior


...coming soon...

You will receive:

  • 11 lessons on the 'peaceful warrior' concept, principles for self-empowerment, daily motivational rituals,  mindset transformations, forms of movement meditation, exploring ancient practices, simple methods of connection, and lifestyle changes for accelerated achievement

  • Instructional videos and texts to teach you the practices

  • Lists of inspirational resources {videos, music, further reading, etc}

  • The 'Empowered Embodiment' and 'Menyalii Tribe' playlists

  • A pouch of handcrafted, wood-burned 'Rune Stones'

  • (Optional) online call with host Laryssa Mahri

  • Recording of an interview/conversation with host and guest warrior

  • A wood and gemstone 'tribe' bracelet upon completion

  • Discounted Warrior lifestyle coaching (see 'Offerings' for details)


Your mindset creates your reality,

you've heard this before.

But why is it a common phrase? 

Well, because it's true, and knowing this has changed the lives of many all around the world since a very early time.

The influence of a strong, positive, and growth-based mindset goes beyond just your self-esteem;  it effects your emotions,

your everyday life, all of your relationships/connections,

 and your 'success'.

Imagine finding ways to integrate certain beliefs

and explore principles to empower yourself.

Imagine creating the life you want

simply by changing your perspective.

Imagine learning to accept each challenge

as a valuable experience,

and see the lesson in everything.

Imagine saying 'yes' from a place of love,

and 'no' from a place of wisdom.


Your lifestyle is your design,

and it's what directly feeds your body, mind

and spirit each day. 

Your habits play into your lifestyle pattern,

so becoming aware of this and learning to change them to work in your favour can be powerful.

Imagine integrating practices and rituals that sustain you, uplift you, empower you, contribute to your health, and maintain a strong  and peaceful

attitude on a regular basis.

We will look at:

○ Basic nutrition and our relationship with food

○ Our 'tribe' and our 'home'

○ Daily practices and rituals

○ Life's rhythms and patterns

○ Finding a balance between 'making it happen',

and 'letting it happen'

○ Exploring our inner worlds, while strengthening our connection to the world outside


Meditation has become a popular practice in today's world,

primarily due to the relaxation it brings to the body,

and the sense of peace it brings to the mind. 

But the practice does not come from today's world,

and there are many forms.

Just as there's an infinite number of ways you can integrate the

practice into your own life,

This discovery will help you find a method that best suits your body and mind,

while offering a new perspective to older traditions.

In this course, we will explore a few forms of dynamic meditation,

drawing inspiration from the elements,

and  reintroducing some of the practices of the

'Old World' {using a sword and staff}.

We will discuss what it means to 'go inwards' and why it's important...

for self-empowerment, strength,

body awareness, and connection.

How do you want to move

through this life?

NOTE: Once you've purchased the course, all content can be studied at your own pace and all follow up check in's can be completed in your own time.

Course release date: TBA

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But you may be wondering how I'm able to offer this...

so let me tell you,

I was very observant as a child.

I often kept my voice to myself and focused instead on learning all I could from books, conversations and the events playing out around me.

I immersed myself in education,

and the natural world.

Ever since, 

I've been focused on my personal growth,

bringing clarity to my visions and goals,

and sharing my voice.

But I've never stopped learning,

or lost the desire to discover more.

I've created this 'course' to share the wisdom I've gained from self-discovery,

from meeting and connecting with fellow warriors of many walks of life,

from both 'highly revered' and unpopular texts,

from practice and training,

and from conversations I've had with people all over the world.

But the most important thing to note here, is that life is a continuous journey.

I'm practicing right alongside you as I write this and as I put this together,

for you.

Let's free ourselves.