My name is


I'm a Canadian nomad currently living in and exploring New Zealand.

I'm entranced by fire and the stars. I'm obsessed with the smell of old books.

I'm fascinated by rocks and other ancient things.

I'm in love with drum circles and the Ocean.

I prefer being barefoot, especially when walking through the forest.

I consume large amounts of green tea and dark chocolate.

I believe in fair trade, sustainability, and the importance of brother/sisterhood.

I love the feeling of full-body laughter, and the smell of freshly chopped wood.

I write. I dance. I create.

I'm a yoga teacher, a writer, an artist, an action actor for film/TV,

a horsewoman, an herbalist in study...

But I'm defined only by my name and driven by some strong invisible force

that must be faith in my purpose,

but could also be a type of magic.


If you have any thoughts,


or would like to work with me,

I can be found in the online world

or contacted here.


Words from the people:

'What I see and love in you is the pure light, compassion, strength, wisdom and playfulness

that you just want to be around all the time.'


'I feel your soul is calm, peaceful and untroubled.

You emit a tranquil and serene energy.'


'Laryssa's adventurous spirit carries her forward,

and she is a constant example of the power and success one can hold

when they don't fear being their truest of selves.'


(A huge thank you to him for bringing my warpaint to life, which can be found throughout this website.)